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Beberapa Contoh Dialog 2 Orang Dengan Bahasa Inggris



Dialog adalah sebuah literatur dan teatrikal yang terdiri dari percakapan secara lisan atau tertulis antara dua orang atau lebih. Sejarahnya berasal sebagai narasi, filosofi atau lambang dedikasi yang dapat ditemukan di Literatur Yunani Kuno dan Literatur India, khususnya pada seni kuno yaitu Retorika.

Mempunyai kehilangan kontak hampir semuanya pada abad ke-19 dengan dasar-dasar dalam retorika, gagasan dialog muncul ditransformasikan dalam pekerjaan kritikus kebudayaan seperti Mikhail Bakhtin dan Paulo Freire, teolog seperti Martin Buber, sebagai sebuah eksistensial paliatif untuk melawan atomisasi dan keterasingan sosial dalam masa masyarakat industri.

Dialog 1
Eric: Hi, Arfan. How are you today?
Arfan: Hi Eric. I am fine. How about you?
Eric: I am fine too. How was your holiday?
Arfan: It was so interesting. I went to many beaches in Indonesia such as, Parangtritis, Kuta, Tanjung Setia, and many more beautiful beaches.
Eric: That was so fun I think.
Arfan: Yes of course. I love Indonesia and I decide that in all of my holiday, I must visit a place in Indonesia.
Eric: I think so. There are so many holiday destinations in our country that can be explored and visited. Besides beaches, have you visited the other places?
Arfan: Nope. Beach was my holiday theme and how was your holiday?
Eric: I think this is the best holiday in my life.
Arfan: Really? What did you do?
Eric: I spent all my time to join my father’s company. There, I studied many things about business and how was the management of my father’s business. Becoming an entrepreneur is my dream and I was like getting a chance when I work with many employees there.
Arfan: Cool. I hope you will be the best entrepreneur in Indonesia.
Eric: Thank you Arfan.

Dialog 2
John: How’s it going Anita?
Anita: Yeah, alright. Can’t wait for tonight though!
John: What’s with tonight? Hot date?
Anita: Haha! No, silly. I’m picking up a friend, a girl that is, from the airport. Haven’t seen her since ages! Finally tonight we’re going to catch up.
John: Oh! Where’s she from? She cute? You should introduce us.
Anita: I’m afraid you’re going to be a bad influence for her, so no way!
John: Aaaw, oh well. I hope you’ll have fun tonight.
Anita: Thanks John! Will let you know how it goes.

Dialog 3
Malik: Oh, the heat is unbearable ! Didn’t you turn on the Air-Conditioner?
Sony: The heat has blown our air-conditioner on the roof.
Malik: What the…! So, what are we going to do?
Sony: We’ve got to have it fixed as soon as possible. I’ve called someone and they‘re on the way

Malik: Thank God!

Dialog 4
Tania: Hi Arfan, how are you?
Arfan: I’m very good. How about yourself?
Tania: I’m bad today.
Arfan: What’s going on?
Tania: I have a problem and is it okay if I ask you a help?
Arfan: Yes, of course. Tell me what I need to help.
Tania: I will move to Bandung next week. But, I do not have a vehicle to carry all my stuff. Would you mind if I use your truck?
Arfan: Wait.. You said, you will be moving next month, won’t you?
Tania: Yes, that was my plan. However, it should be changed because I have to accompany my sister in Bandung and she is going to move next week.
Arfan: What is about our plan for hanging out with some friends as a farewell party?
Tania: Oh, calm down. I will be back to Jakarta several days before it begins.
Arfan: Yes. Alright. I will be waiting for you to come back here.
Tania: Are you sad because I’m going to leave you? :)
Arfan: Of course. We will miss you Tania.
Tania: Sure, Arfan. I also will miss all of you. Hey, what about your truck, may I borrow it?
Arfan: Yes you may borrow that truck. Tomorrow I will tell my driver that the truck will be borrowed next week.
Tania: Thank you Arfan.
Arfan: You’re welcome, Tania

Dialog 5
Waitress: Are you ready to order now?
Farida: Yes. I’ll have some salad, roast beef, and mashed potatoes.
Waitress: How do you want your beef? Rare, medium, atau well-done?
Farida: Well-done. And Easy on salt, please.
Waitress: Sure. Anything to drink ?

Farida: Iced Tea, Please. And Easy on the Ice

Dialog 6

Yuli: Her dress looks funny
Daniel: I wouldn’t say tha. It looks fine to me
Yuli: Are you kidding me. She’s behind the times. That style went out last year.
Daniel :  Oh, come on. As long as it looks good on her.
Yuli: Wow, you are really as out-date as she is
Daniel: You’re darn right. I’m out style. So what? What’s the point of keeping yourself  on style?

Yuli: No wonder. You never buy me new dress.

Dialog 7
Tedy: Dery, Don’t you think you should take a vacation? Even one  or two day would be fine.
Dery: There’s no way. There’s too much work.
Tedi: But you look so exhausted. You need break
Dery: I know. My chance would be better if they would hire more people.
Tedi: They wont hire more people?
Dery: No. They always want to keep the cost down. I am really overwhelmed with heavy workload.
Tedi:  Maybe you should talk to the manager.
Dery:  Yes, I’m going to bring this up in tomorrow’s meeting.

Sekian dulu beberapa dialog dari saya semoga bermanfaat bagi anda semua, ingsya allah saya akan mengupdate atau menambahkan beberapa dialog yang lainnya.



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