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Romantic Love Quotes for Someone in Life


Romantic words often adorned in a relationship, whether it is still going even married, not separated from romantic words. Because with the romantic expression in a relationship can be one way of defense that relationship. And on this occasion I will share a recent romantic words that might be an additional collection of your words.

Do not despair. But if you are to be in a desperate state, fight continues even though in a state of despair.

The world ocean expanse instance. We are sailing ship that had been crowded shipwreck dilautan didalamnya..andai our charge is faith and piety screen, nescaya we will be safe from being lost in the sea of ​​life.

In human society there are animals in the animal community bitch but none man bitch -Aristotle

Real friends are those who are able to be by your side when you need support even though at that time they should be somewhere else more menyeronokkan.

hopefully useful beautiful words of love

Give love without asking for a reply and we will meet the love that much more beautiful.

I have a pair of eyes, but can not always see.
I have a pair of hands, but can not always protect
But I have a heart, which always pray for you

What is the point of the wing if you can not feel the wind on your face?

and what would be the point of living if you can not meet the love of your life

If we love someone
Berusahalan to appear what
because True love always
Receive Advantages and Disadvantages

Bahagialah for people who understand the meaning of love,
For Love that will give color to life

Very great love sometimes can make us
can not love again
A drop of hatred in the hearts
Will surely produce suffering
But a drop of love in the recesses of the heart
will lead to true happiness

We are born with two eyes in front of our face, because we should not always look back. But look to all the future, look at our future.

We are born with 2 ears on the right and on the left, so that we can listen to everything from two sides. To attempt to collect praise and criticism, and choose which one is right and what is wrong.

We are born with a brain inside the skull us. So no matter how poor wherever we are, we are still rich. Because there will be no one who can steal our brains, our minds and our ideas. And what you're thinking in your brain is far more valuable than gold and jewelry.

We are born with two eyes and two ears, but we were given only 1 piece mouth. Because the mouth is a very sharp weapon, the mouth can hurt, can kill, can be seductive, and many other things that are not pleasant. So remember to talk as little as possible but see and hear as much as possible.



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