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Words and Romantic Quote Good Morning to Someone


Lots of people are looking for words of congratulations for a girlfriend or romantic morning for their companions. Congratulated beautiful morning via bbm, sms, facebook status, and so is one way to make others more passion in their daily lives. As we know that not all people go through the same activities, there is work, school, vacation, and so forth. Among the many activities there must be a few people who feel less enthusiasm in carrying out its activities, for which congratulations are given early in order to start the morning with enthusiasm.

Wake up with your smile,
because when you wake up you slobber smells very stab to my heart

Welcome to the morning sun,
Let today be cheerful cheerful heart is reading this sms

Shipper is a boon
Hurt is ban
Accompanying life is happiness
Leave is folly
Good morning love, hopefully this wonderful day yes

when the time tired stepped up to reach the lost direction
the morning lay themselves quietly in the dark
good morning your day hopefully much better as my prayers

The morning was bright and fresh
Always breathe deeply
As I breathe in the fragrance of your body
When waking from sleep
Good morning, love..

In the morning still wet
I hear your voice floats in the air.
Give a warm greeting to the earth.
What a dream last night?

I really love and love with you
Good morning dear
This might be the most beautiful day for us



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